——This is the story of the renovation of the house, which during the lockdown period became a whole world for one family

2020 has made adjustments to people's lives: the house has become a place for the whole family to live 24/7. Within an alteration project we created a new space for privacy, productive work and communication.
The house has become a whole world where you can go on a trip to the next room to your brother or take a look into the winter garden, as if into another continent.
The garden became a living room, in addition, we enlarged the window on the opposite wall of the living room and made it almost to the floor.
This made it possible to introduce the exterior into the interior, enjoy the view from the windows and from the winter garden to the century-old pine trees.
Previously, the family actively used the terrace for socializing and for meetings with friends, because the living room space was small and uncomfortable.
———The result of our joint work was the construction of a winter garden and its connection with the main house
To be actively used the custom made 5-meter shelving rack is accompanied by a mobile ladder. This solution was a result of collaboration with cabinetmakers.
———In the room of the eldest son, a collection of legos and many books were placed on all the walls
———————The interior of the younger son's room was inspired by the legends of the Argonauts
We created a sleeping loft within a room with 4.5-meter ceiling height. The configuration of the loft resembles a ship preparing for sailing.
————The bedroom of the lady of the house is a whole world where peace and harmony reigns
In the existing house, a dressing room was located in a narrow room with 5-meter ceilings and a window. And the bathroom was in a room without windows and with the usual ceilings for the whole house.
It surprised me — it's much nicer to take a bath in a country house with a view to a century-old oak, wouldn't you agree? And getting things off the 4-meter high shelves is inconvenient at all… So it was decided to swap the spaces - the result is in front of you.
It was decided to simplify the dressing room and replace it with cabinets, which turned out to have more space than in the dressing room.
——————The master bedroom of the house turned out to be stylish and masculine, to match the owner
_____The house turned out to be cozy, functional and, most importantly, absolutely congruent, both for each resident of the house and for the whole family as a whole. Like an expensive suit - made to order according to your standards.
————————————–————————-- For me, as an architect and psychologist, the most important task is to create exactly your space, harmonious and comfortable, one where you want to return after an intense day, as if to a retreat center for stress relief and relaxation, where it will be comfortable to spend a prolonged lockdown.