Architect or psychologist?

Being an architect for 20 years, I learned from my experience how to properly assemble and put together all the puzzles of one mosaic called interior, object, exterior.

What is included in this puzzle? 
✔️ competently understand the task from the client,
✔️create a logically correct and ergonomic space, layout according to the customer's technical requirements, 
✔️and also corresponding to the style that you wished
✔️and all this should fit into the meters and ceilings that the client has, 
✔️and also take into account both aesthetic and financial preferences, 
✔️and also to meet the time on time with all deliveries and sales,
✔️and also this puzzle 🧩 includes - finishing materials, plumbing, furniture, lighting, wood on the floor, tiles or granite, colors, painting, wallpaper or plaster, replacement of windows, and a fireplace, will we have a fireplace? And a grand piano, we forgot to tell you, our family are notorious adherents of classical music and we need a musical living room and 2 dressing rooms for 50m2 ...
u name it! 

Well, after the project, you need to start construction, track and communicate with builders, see and prevent an error in time, not docking, explain all the details, nuances) be always polite, understanding, smiling and creative on the go ... keeping in mind the primary technical task and bringing it to its logical conclusion, through the transformation of the Client's taste and possible changes, sometimes misunderstandings, the entire interior or object)) How do you like it? this is what the architect is doing

this is how the WHOLE is made up of the smallest details... first you go from the general to the particular, and then you put all the parts together and hand over a shiny new object to a satisfied Client who, exhaling, still understands that "Yes! This is exactly what I wanted!!!"

A curtain 

Recreation and a new Project

But for myself, I realized that over these 20 years I have taken a course in psychology and communication with people on my own experience, drawing conclusions and comparing human reactions day after day, just being an architect… 

And then I decided to go to study for a psychologist to understand what really drives people) and to pump myself up, solve my life situations and questions))

Today, listening to a lecture in English "how to build your community", I realized that my architectural skills and learning are my "superpower" - I can painstakingly collect all the pieces of the puzzle of a Person's soul and personality, find ways to solve one or another of his requests, but always leaving the right choice to the Client)) as an architect! 
And what kind of a NEW one he decides himself - I only highlight the options and/or possibilities…

I give keys and tools how to react in a given situation, polishing with a soft skin, yes, it is with a skin, not with a suede flap, these or other moments… 

As a sculptor who sees in a block of marble the grace and expression or tenderness and serenity of a sculpture, and perhaps the originality of a future art object, also a psychologist sees potential Opportunities in any Person, helps to discover them in himself) and as an architect, brick by brick builds and creates a New Whole Conscious space of a Person's Personality

Done — my inner puzzles have come together - I don't need to make a choice about who I should be an Architect or a Psychologist - I integrated my knowledge and skills into each other, it seems, in the language of physicists, this is called coherence)) 

My professions have entered into resonance
Resonance is like the waves , they have the same phases and they sound / vibrate in unison, amplifying each other

The architect creates coherence so that the space "sounds"

The architect is the conductor of the external space that surrounds us, whether it is the exterior, landscape or interior

The psychologist is the conductor of each person's inner space 

And now I realize that I don't have to choose! I recognize and give place to both my skill and vocation!

As a very respected Person for me says: "Look for where your energy is! And speak and act from your energy - this is contact - contact with the world, with yourself, with your professions"